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    Zhong-ou auto parts:
    The Technology Center has been passed the ISO/TS16949 international quality certificate and ISO14001 International Environmental Certificate as well as many patents as follows:
    Cab Electric Tilting System project           Patent No. ZL02234989.8
    Auto manual & electric Window Regulator     Patent No. ZL02282113.9
    Electric hydraulic pump for rollover the cab     Patent No. ZL200420047771.8
    Hydraulic cylinder for rollover the cab         Patent No. ZL200420047770.3
    EGR valve                               Patent No. ZL200520045118.2
    2 inventive patents and 3 utility model patents are on trailing now:

    One of the piston seal structures of hydraulic cylinder inside, a cab turnover, a solenoid valve which is worked by the exhaust pressure control of the vacuum degree, a double-cylinder synchronous hydraulic turner device, a wiper water jet with heater

    Zhong-ou Motor Homes:
    Insistence and innovation make glorious achievements, cautious and conscientious efforts make the research institute successful:
    Side plate and floor board joint component of motor home utility-type patent certificate     ZL 2007 2 0045371.7
    Exterior design of motor home (Benz retrofitting) patent certificate  
    ZL 2007 3 0187692.6
    Exterior design of motor home (Benz retrofitting2) patent certificate    
    ZL 2007 3 0193298.3
    Exterior design of motor home (Benz retrofitting3) patent certificate     
    ZL 2007 3 0193297.9
    Exterior design of profile (motor home) patent certificate     
    ZL 2007 3 0148306.2
    Mechanical pedal gear of carriage utility model patent certificate   
    ZL 2007 2 0045372.1
    ZCL5040XLJA motor home gets the High-tech product recognized certificate of Jiangsu
    ZCL5040XLJC business travel vehicle gets the High-tech product recognized certificate of Jiangsu

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